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Our Youth & Adolescent Resiliency Platform

NextStep GoodLife is our teen resiliency platform built from evidence-based research. GoodLife engages teens to strengthen health literacy with skills-based modules, emotional health tools, and content that’s made for and by teens. 

NextStep GoodLife

Our Health & Social Service Network

NextStep.Health is our platform where people can build resiliency alongside health & social service providers.


Our Focus

Deploying technology, data, and evidence-based interventions to improve population mental health and reduce downstream costs within health & education systems.


That builds resilience and prevents downstream adversity.


With  culturally relevant mental health resources that meet people where they are, in the formats and settings with which they’re familiar.


That helps inform mental health challenge identification and intervention.


To cultivate community resilience with events and media collaborations.

#MyNextStep Movement

Join the #MyNextStep movement! Share your story of overcoming adversity, building resilience, or navigating through life. See some stories below for some inspiration  ✨

“Big Papi” David Ortiz

MLB All-Star

Elijah Wood

Actor and Film Producer

Juicy J

Rapper and Record Producer

Clients, Partners and Supporters Include

Forbes 30u30 feature

NextStep Health and Founder Sam Warach were recently featured by Forbes in their 30 under 30 publication series focused on young innovators based in Boston.

Forbes 30u30 Boston 2023